Wednesday, 7 December 2016

030 - Black Steel

Black Steel

Based on the the outfit worn by Superman in the movie Batman vs Superman this kit features the kryptonian weave as well as the modern Superman logo but it's colour theme is inspired by a sneak peak picture posted by Henry Cavill on his Instagram, as seen below.

Henry Cavill's sneak peak

Base Colour:  R00 G00 B00


Base Design: 08


Name Print

Display: ON
Position: +31
Zoom: -3
Font Type: 3
Arch: Type 1
Font Colour: R00 G00 B00

Squad Number

Position: +19
Zoom: +4
Font Type: 3
Font Colour:  R00 G00 B00

Chest Number

Display: OFF

Shorts Number

Display: OFF

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