Friday, 28 October 2016

S009 - Pesology 2.0

Pesology 2.0

Pesology 2.0 is an exclusive design for PESEP who is a partnered Twitch streamer and specialises in tactics within PES. He also has a lot of tutorial and informative videos on his Youtube channel. This kit features a unique "split kit" design making it look white from behind and black facing front, as well as a black ball and gold trim with a tactical chalk board design on the chest.

Created for: PESEP

Base Colour: R61 G61 B61


Base Design: 01


Name Print

Display: ON
Position: +31
Zoom: +2
Font Type: 3
Arch: Type 1
Font Colour: R06 G06 B06

Squad Number

Position: +17
Zoom: +7
Font Type: 3
Font Colour: R06 G06 B06

Chest Number

Display: OFF

Shorts Number

Display: OFF

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